Mapping My Ancestors

Jumping on the #MyColourfulAncestry bandwagon, here are my ancestors:

I seem to be the odd one out compared to the rest of my ancestors. My parents emigrated to U.S.A. in the early 1960s but moved back to England when I was 9.

My paternal great grandfather, William Clark, was illegitimate, so I don’t know where his father was born. I would hazard a guess that he was from Berkshire but I have no proof (yet).

I’m very lucky I know anything my maternal side at all. Guyanese records are very difficult to get hold of, so although I know the names of my missing great grandparents, I know nothing else. Madeiran records are much better. I found my great great grandparents’ travel documents to Guyana so I was able to go backwards to the 1700s. Throw in a little endogamy into the mix (my grandparents were 1st cousins). In some respects, it makes working out my DNA shared matches relatively easy! If they have Portuguese ancestry, then they are on my maternal side; anything else is on my paternal side.

My husband’s chart is similar to mine in that it very neatly divides into maternal (Irish) and paternal (anything else). The Jolliffe family lived in Hampshire/Isle of Wight from about 1650. His German 2 x great Grandfather was a watchmaker from Hanover.

2 thoughts on “Mapping My Ancestors

  1. Hello Chris.
    From a document point of view I have London Jolliffes as direct ancestors on my fathers side but have seen a DNA connection possibly to Isle of Wight Jolliffes. Have you seen any records where the two might merge?


  2. Hello Michael,
    My Jolliffes moved from the Isle of Wight to Portsmouth in about 1851. Henry William Jolliffe (1857-1916), my husband’s ggf, moved to Essex in about 1890. One of his brothers, Albert Edward, lived in the Tower Hamlets about the same time.


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