1861 census transcription

RG9 Piece:322 Folio:58 District:03 pages:22-24

Description of Enumeration District

“Part of the parish of Saint Mary Magdalen, Bermondsey from and including Messrs. Beach’s the North side of Willow Walk, No. 39 to 50, to the Fellmongers Arms, corner of Crimscott Street, along the East side of Crimscott Street, No. 25 to 46, to the Grange Road, along the South side of Grange Road to the Upper Grange Road, No. 43 to 116, along the West side of Upper Grange Road to the corner of Willow Walk and end of Eldon Place, along the North side of Willow Walk to No. 15, corner of Alscot Road, along the East side pf Alscot Road to the end of the said road; including Woodlands Place, Claremont Place, South Street, St Mary Cottages, Victoria Cottages and Eldon Place.”

1 Woodlands Place: 1 household
2 Woodlands Place: 3 households
3 Woodlands Place: 2 households
4 Woodlands Place: 3 households
5 Woodlands Place: 3 households
6 Woodlands Place: 1 household, 2 lodgers
7 Woodlands Place: 3 households
8 Woodlands Place: 2 households
9 Woodlands Place: 1 household, 1 lodger
10 Woodlands Place: 3 households